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Time-Life Treasury of Christmas (Christmas Memories) Full Album CD1

The Doctor mentions Drashigs Carnival of Monsters. Unrecorded Adventures: The Master picked a fight with six drunken Shobogans in the Golden Grackle one night whilst drinking there with the Doctor. The Bottom Line: " I warn you, don't sentimentalize the Master.

Review: ‘The Familyman’s Christmas Treasury’

He's too dangerous for that. Mercifully, UNIT Christmas Parties: Christmas Truce is a return to form for Dicks, managing to be a genuinely enjoyable nod to the past without forgetting just how dangerous the Master is. Roots: Band Aid. The Terminator films.

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Continuity: Frentos is located in the fourteenth galaxy. The people of Frentos have time travel capability. The Doctor has a leather-bound autograph book in his pocket, which he decides to start using. Romana is wearing a red-piped velvet jacket. K9 has a pop fact data bank, since the Doctor likes him to set quizzes.

There is a top twenty music chart on Gallifrey. Future History: Prince Tarvick of Frentos is overthrown in following the republican uprising. Following a royalist revolution in , a group of soldiers travel to Earth in to rescue Tarvick and restore him to his throne; in there is another revolution that removes the royalists from power and soldiers from this time travel back to stop the previous group rescuing Tarvick.

In there is an uprising against the second republic and more soldiers travel back to prevent the assassination of Tarvick. More soldiers travel back to find him from , followed by more from after the fall of the glorious third republic. The Doctor eventually leaves Tarvick in a period of Frentos' history where nobody has heard of him. Unrecorded Adventures: The Doctor has just saved eleven planets and two space stations. The Christmas link is perfect, an event that everyone of my generation remembers, and it's impossible not to be amused by the idea of the Doctor dropping in to collect autographs.

A Christmas Treasury

Roots: Sapphire and Steel 'Adventure Two' a ghost consumed with resentment over its death. Continuity: Had Klaus lived, he would have traveled with the Seventh Doctor, encountering the ravenous alien Stalkers, an alien planet where a collapsing civilization was overwhelmed by cataclysmic floods, and encountering an aggressive plant species [possibly a Krynoid based on the description The Seeds of Doom ].

Klaus' last adventure with the Doctor would have seen him free a slave colony. The Doctor gives Klaus' ghost his memories of these events, allowing him to find peace. Location: Betton Court, 24th to 25th December during the first decade of the twentieth century. Unrecorded Adventures: The Doctor visited Betton Court during the first decade of the nineteenth century, when he fought an alien entity that was seeking to conquer Earth. Klaus, a footman in service to the Montague family, helped the Doctor defeat the entity, giving his life in the process.

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The Doctor has recently encountered the Stalkers, faced floods on the alien world, fought a hostile plant species, and freed a slave colony see above. The Bottom Line: Nice idea, and short enough not to overstay its welcome. The Doctor teaches it Venusian power ballads and drinking songs. The Doctor gives K9 an old biscuit for Christmas, having programmed him to appreciate old biscuits. The Doctor unplugs the randomiser The Armageddon Factor. Blinovitch is mentioned Invasion of the Dinosaurs. The Zero Room is mentioned Castrovalva. The Bottom Line: " We only really do Christmas for the dog.

Dialogue Triumphs: "There's muggers and rapists and all sorts of who-knows-what, but when it comes right down to it, there's just people. Without 'em, it's just empty space, isn't it? Continuity: The Doctor tells Donna that the three of them are English to avoid awkward explanations. His pockets contain a button, a thimble, and some silver-coloured coins. Links: Jamie's line "it's like being caught in a nightmare. Again" is probably a reference to The Mind Robber.

The Acteon Galaxy is mentioned Planet of the Spiders. Location: Los Angeles, 24th December, late twentieth century. Dialogue Triumphs: Charlesworth on the Doctor: "I've never met anyone so English, going on about tea! Location: Charnage House, England, 24th December The Bottom Line: Short and rather thin on any actual plot, It's a Lovely Day Tomorrow would perhaps have benefited from a bit more whimsy. Roots: The programme that Richard tries to improve is of course Doctor Who.

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The programme that he ends up watching when he accidentally ends the series after only a short time is probably Juliet Bravo see Deadline. The publishing house that some fans want to burn down before it produces a range of spin-off novels is Virgin, and the TV executive that some extreme fans want to assassinate is presumably Michael Grade. Dialogue Triumphs: "They were even talking about bringing it back, because it was still so I mean, everybody remembered it.

Links: Things Richard seeks to improve in his favourite television series include unconvincing dinosaurs in a serial made by a female director Invasion of the Dinosaurs , and a hand creeping into shot when a villain stands up from his throne Pyramids of Mars. The reference to a story in which the dates don't match up with what is previously established in the series is probably a nod to Mawdryn Undead. Location: A lodge [probably in England], Christmas Eve [the future, since time travel technology is available to Richard].

The Bottom Line: The sort of witty satire that Lyons used to write more often, and a story bound to appeal to most fans. All Our Christmasses could perhaps benefit from some more humour and a less obvious moral message, but it's very entertaining regardless. Continuity: Sarah dyes her hair. She lives in a quiet English village. She has a granddaughter, Lily, the daughter of Lauren and Will. Lily has Autistic Spectrum Disorder, which places enormous strain on her parents' marriage.

Links: Sarah Jane is a grandmother by this time, so she didn't actually die in Bullet Time. The Doctor is travelling alone, probably after Omega. Location: England, the early twenty-first century. The Bottom Line: " She's happy now. Can't you see it? Because of you.

The Tovey system is probably named after Roberta Tovey. Dialogue Disasters: "Have you ever heard the expression: too many masterbakers spoil the Slarvian broth? The Doctor didn't hear about the Fifth Axis and the Daleks until after they had been defeated.

This Year It Will Be Different: A Christmas Treasury by Maeve Binchy

Bernice drinks eggnog latte. Braxiatel owns a Huldran table Project: Lazarus. He keeps a decanter of Prydonian. The Braxiatel Collection has a new gardener, a Martian named Hass. Braxiatel organizes a Christmas party every year, which Bernice considers to be a tacky PR stunt.

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