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Buy Online, Pick up in Store is currently unavailable, but this item may be available for in-store purchase. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview A collection of poetry from up and coming novelist Daniel Robinette, Angels in Ashe Volume 3 continues where his last work left off examining topics varying from love and loss to literature and celebration, to death and the self-mythologizing nature of youthful ambitions.

Jumping from playful to heartbreaking Angels in Ashe brings the reader face to face with the world through the eyes of the young writer, attempting to make sense of the world about him. Product Details. Average Review. Write a Review.

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He was then brought before the Caliph who asked him: "What did the Goddess reveal of Herself to you, my son? How is it that we may come to know the unknowable? Throughout the morning crowds gathered to see the hypnotist convince men that they were donkeys, and women that they were tigers. Stupid men came to be cured of their imbecility, those with stutters were made able to speak clearly, the lame walked and the nearly blind were restored to sight. As the crowds gathered, Coconut sold more figs in one morning than he might reasonably expect to do in a week or more.

Counting his takings with deep satisfaction, Coconut decided that he would make a habit of following the magician from town to town. Towards the end of the morning as noon came upon them, each of the stall holders closed for the mid day heat break. The hypnotist counted his gold, paid to him by those seeking to be hypnotised. Having sold his entire stock of figs Coconut counted his money too, and made up his mind to consult the hypnotist himself when the afternoon session began.

Coconut's turn soon came about and the Master hypnotist asked him what he wished of him. After placing the fig-seller in a deep hypnotic trance the Master commanded him to be wise in all dealings, discerning in all purchases, fair with all people and cheerful against all adversity.

Then he put his mouth to Coconuts ear and, in a whisper, commanded him to take all of his powers from him. When Coconut awoke from his trance he found that he knew many things that he previously did not and that everyone that he spoke to treated him with deference and respect; obeying his will even so far as paying immediate attention to his slightest wants, needs, or casual suggestions. Remembering that he had pledged one third of his business to the master hypnotist, Coconut turned to a near by merchant in fine cloths whom he had seen arrive with other traders in the retinue of the master hypnotists caravan.

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I do not understand. If you follow the master as one of our number, as now you must, you will always show a profit on your figs. And you will not even need to work your stall, for the Master will provide willing servants to do the work of the donkey. But in this one thing you must now abide. You are now the Master and the power has been passed on to you. Coconut nodded his head. The merchant continued: "Well, he wanted to go into the fig business. Alone, save for the company of the camel upon whose back she rode, she travelled between the oases of the desert; 64 The Complete Golden Dawn Initiate seeking the stillness of the night time to heal her troubled soul.

In the evening she hunted with a bow and arrow for food. In the morning she lay down in the shade of the palms of the oasis and dreamed through the day. One day whilst she slept, Marah dreamed a strange dream: Two headless men faced one another over a net stretched across a black and white chequered ball-court. They were throwing a dismembered head to one another.

The head was screaming. Troubled by this dream, Marah sought the company of the priests who wandered the desert at night, examining the skies through their tripod devices. Seeking the elder of the priests Marah told him of her dream. There are two rival forces at work within you - the affirming and the denying force. Your mind and your heart are at odds. In any case, I am a child of the desert. The day star would bum me to a crisp if I were to wander about in the noon heat. At night, before dawn, the scorpions of the desert ran about her feet and she took care to do them no harm; languishing in the beauty of life emergent.

In the dawning hours of the desert day time, she took comfort in the little flowers that sprang up beneath the rocks of long forgotten cities; languishing in the beauty of life emergent.


And the Lady of Night took her into the heavens to shine as a star upon the world in the evenings and the mornings to wander the tapestry of the firmament for an eternity. And in her rising and setting lies the mystery of our evolution. So thus it is that the wise Men of Earth take themselves unto meditation at the times of dawn and dusk; avoiding the darkest night and the brightest day.

The Twenty Second Gate Tiphareth of Hod One day, an infinite number of horse drawn coaches began arriving at Hilbert's Hotel carrying an infinite number of passengers seeking a bed for the night. Luckily the Hotel was empty and had an infinite number of rooms, and so the travellers were accommodated easily.

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A few hours later another infinite number of horse drawn coaches could be seen on the horizon carrying a further infinite number of passengers seeking shelter. The hotel manager scratched his head in bewilderment and sought advice from Kif, the local holy man whom he knew to be never far away from the Hotel kitchens after the evening call to prayer had been answered.

When the fakir heard that the great Sufi Kif was praying at the temple in his village he sent his chief disciples to invite the learned sage to a feast that would be held in his honour that same evening. Kif arrived at the celebrations and took his place at the head of the table beside his host. Fatted calves and lambs had been slaughtered and laid before the company. As the light grew dim, the chatter of conversation filled the temple.

Kif and the worker of wonders had exchanged no more words than a simple greeting at the commencement of the proceedings and sat next to one another in silence. When the bowls were being cleared from the floor the Fakir clapped his hands together and his pupils prepared the fire pit for a demonstration of their skill. After an hour, the flaming embers were judged to be ready for the demonstration and, one by one, the wonder worker's disciples walked the length of the pit of flames apparently untouched by the heat.

The crowd applauded each of them as they completed their walk.

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As the last disciple completed his demonstration, Kif asked the Fakir how he trained his followers to perform such wonders. Upon hearing these words Kif took a particularly valuable copy of the Holy Book from his robes and cast them into the flames, burning the tome to cinders. After lying there for a few minutes, Kif rose to his feet unscathed and looked upon the angry crowd whereupon a deep silence fell over them.

His gaze was as cold as ice, and the assembly began to know fear. Behold " he reached down into the flames and pulled out the Holy Book which, moments before had been destroyed in the flames. And with this he strode out of the burning pit. You were not prepared for the fire, and yet you are untouched by the flames. It was the flame of righteousness that destroyed him.

Before the Holy book burned before you, the fire of the pit was merely the fire of earthly destruction which the law was given to save you from. Do not take a match to it. Until its words are scorched into your hearts and minds, you will continue to live in the realm of shadow. Then, even the letters of the Law will seem as shadows to you for you will have become the Law.

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The Twenty Fourth Gate Chesed of Hod Kif departed from the feast with his servant Kilo, who awaited him within the shadows of the Temple gate and left the village for the city. The night was dark and only the brightest stars could be seen twinkling in the firmament above the mountain peaks. On the way home Kilo, who had been a long time pupil and valued confidant of the Sufi joked with him as was his privilege: "You know, I think that it might just be possible to talk ones way out of any situation, so long as one has studied the right books.

Kif reached into his robes and withdrew two lengths of thread. Holding up the index finger of his left hand and wagging it from side to side, he said: "You know that I have studied the Koran, Master. And it is written that such a judgment may not be made until the instant of Dawn. I pass my authority on to you, my pupil," he stated solemnly. If we meet again it will be in the lands beyond. You will have no need of the staff there.

Angels in Ashe: Volume 3

Stopping and turning to face the new master, Kif regarded him for a few moments before speaking: "Always carry two Books of the Law. A dark man sat beneath the great beast's gaze smoking a hookah pipe. Kif sat down beside him and started toking on the pipe. What am I?

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As he exhaled a smile came over his face. And with that both men burst into laughter.