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At least Armand and Marius are sill alive. Btw, for the fact that vampires are immortal, they die conspicuously often and fast. I meant "prince", of course Fortunately, I stopped reading the VC. Anne lost it.

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Maybe someone else can find it. Yes, that makes sense. She just wrote them out. I mean, it doesn't, because the truth is that they were some of the most interesting characters she ever wrote about. Not all of course. But they didn't sell well. Especially Quinn.

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The Mayfair's story was epic. From The Witching Hour on, it was very in depth and twisty. Towards the end of that series, I felt she was having a hard time keeping up with her earlier writing, and the stories began to fall flat.

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A bit like these are now. So I can see why she would want to write all that difficult stuff out. As you pointed out, she clearly cannot keep up with her own timelines and characters anymore. No, there was absolutely no mention of Quinn or Mona in the previous book. Nor anyone whom you haven't already stated in those scenes. I'm almost through chapter one, and it seems that she has already hinted at Mona's death, though it was this Roth person speaking about it.

I don't remember for sure, as I kept falling asleep. Hell, I just re-read Merrick in four nights. Well, four and half, as I finished the last chapter before I started this latest.. I'll stop now and continue my rant in my own journal. LOL H. Yes, that bothers me too.

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  4. A lot. I was so proud of my collection of signed first editions. Have you seen how much they are worth now? It was enough to make me want to cry. I'm absolutely terrified to see what the prices are now. People are practically giving the books away. You know what? I thought Cry to Heaven was bad. I mean, really bad. It took me months to get through that book. I think this may just as foul.

    God help us all. I may not be able to finish this book. I may wrap it in plastic with the others and call it a day. How fucking sad. Rose can go choke for all I care give me back my actual favorites.. Thank heavens for that!

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    I mean I seriously would deal with Bella Swan any day of the week than Rose. Gabrielle should have her for dinner but I'm afraid that Rose isn't a good source of substance. Has anyone else noticed the dead characters making an appearance as if they are alive? Killer and Eleni, for starters. For example, the internet is certainly not the place to go to openly bitch about your job or whatever it is life that has you peeved. Those words you wrote can, and will, bite you in the ass. Plus, I am finding it interesting that some people will post some of the most private details of their lives to random strangers.

    As if those reading were to have some vague notion of the subject being posted. Yet, when it comes to privacy issues, these people tend to get worked up over private details that are found on the internet It would seem to me, if you are the least bit concerned about what is and what is not private, why are you telling everyone about yourself that some would consider as private? Could I live without it? Do I like it?

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    It's like being given the key to the door that everyone wants to know what its hiding. Happy Facebooking and Stay Tuned Labels: facebook. Yeah, it's been awhile since the last update Not there was never really any GOOD reason to neglect the ol' blog here. But let's be serious for a moment, I have been a bit busy. To the point of being somewhat lost. I can hear it now, "Busy? I haven't been out there re-tiling bathrooms well, there was the one I did in my own home.

    I haven't been out there trying to save the world or running errands. I have just been busy , you know, preoccupied. Maybe preoccupied to the point of neglecting some of the things I could be doing, like updating this little blog.

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    When i created it, like everything else, I had this somewhat lofty goal of contributing on a more consistent basis and have since fell into a more comfortable archiving mode with it. Whis is all well and good. Since there is no real obligation associated with it. All well and good. But the other reason to have this page was to spread a little point of interest here and there. Some of the things I don't do on the air. Hence the name of the blog. Things were going along swimmingly until that day in October when my on air partner got sick. What a roller coaster that has been. Not just for me but for everyone around him and yours truly. Sometimes you have to let go of the world around you and sit back and watch and focus your energies on things that are truly more important.

    I would say something poignant about " Instead a representation of him arrives and saves the day with a severe lack of narrative logic. He is every bit the uncanny object that the Mona Lisa is - something defined by the incongruity it presents in the landscape. He sticks out, demanding to be the visual and narrative focus. And yet there is no reason why he should be able to solve the problem. Apparently a single shot from him is enough to destroy nightmarish paintings.