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He caught a lot of criticism from people saying it was over the top, but Cage gives that no weight.

‘Kill Chain’, Starring Nicolas Cage, Is about a Chain of Killings and Nicolas Cage | Review

Per Bierman, Cage arrived on the first day of shooting with a pencil mustache. Cage was quite proud of his ability to catch a pigeon in the park scene, but Bierman shatters his illusion by revealing that the birds were drugged. Beals told Bierman that she really wanted to hate Loew and asked if she could spit on him. The shots of Loew walking down the street at the end, clearly mad and talking to himself, were filmed with a long lens from a distance.

The people walking past him are actual folks unaware that a movie is being filmed. I was sick of quiet, little deaths.

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Natural, quiet little deaths are such bullshit. Bierman is overflowing with anecdotes and memories, and makes me want to find more of his work. Tags: Nicolas Cage.

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Film School Rejects Toggle navigation. The thing was a pilot in the airforce, meaning he had to get through all of the aeronautics classes, Thing is no dummy!! He knows several languages and although he never attended University, he is considered to be highly intelligent. I know that the Thing is quite bright as well - he would have to be to be a pilot, but again the Thing has a street smart intelligence to him.

Nicolas Cage's cat ate his shrooms, so he ate some to keep the cat company

Both are above average intelligence but as I said from all the variuos profiles I have read over time, im my opinion Cage is slightly smarter. OK lets say he has 90 tons he is still 3. My scenario again, two guys same fighting level one can lift lbs and the other guy can lift lbs do you think the pound lifting guy would really even be in the fight?

Even if you use the bench press which is an easier lift , my 13 year old brother can bench press pounds do you think, even if he were trained to fight, he would last 5 seconds with a guy trained to fight who can bench lbs????? The answer to that would be NO!! I think the thing has broken titanium before. If he has then Luke cage has even less of a chance of winning. Well not that he had much of a chance anyway. He may be quicker but I dont think it would be by that much.

Thing is known for being considerably quicker than he appears to be, quicker than most Marvel bricks, so I dont think it would be like Cage was dancing around him. Thing should certainly be able to hit Cage and each hit would take its toll. I really enjoyed and found great satisfaction in how Dumas uses vengeance to punish those who deserved to be punished.

Nicolas Cage: Cris Johnson

But I was not attracted to that element of the story in this film as the first thing. My attraction was to what I thought to be a relationship filled with a ton of heart, between father and son. When I find a character that has an almost abstract, surreal, dare I say even supernatural side — and also has heart — I respond very quickly. Sure, every story about revenge is a story about passion.

More terrifying than humorous. But where I can, I still try to put the humor onscreen.


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In interviews, actors often say that the craft comes down to making decisive dramatic choices. What choices are you making in that moment? I found humor in that.

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  • I thought the more extreme I went with that word, the more painful and oddly funny it could be. I kept nailing that word in a way that grows increasingly strained. When I read the script, I recognized that moment as exactly the kind of odd thing that I find fun to watch and be a part of.

    If other people are there with me, great. I was delighted to see this completely bizarre cameo I did blowing up on the internet, from Never on Tuesday, with the long nose. I had a whole character worked out for that one scene, a whole subtext, a complete unspoken backstory. I saw that clip as well.