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Then followed another German professor, Heinrich von Treitschke, who has since been elevated by Germans p30 as the foremost philosopher of their program.

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He interpreted Germanism as anti-Christianity. He brazenly taught the doctrine of "might makes right. He asserted that there were no individual rights and that every person existed only for the State. Its will was the only legitimate force and war was the best way in which to assert it.

He denied the sacredness of human life and declared war was sublime because it ennobled man to "murder without passion. Treitschke became a popular hero in his day. It is significant that he also captured the intellectuals. His teachings were echoed in universities by avid disciples. Education and culture consisted of such indoctrination. Hitler, too, received support from German intellectuals, who wrote volumes confirming the theory of Aryanism and racial superiority.

In weighing the responsibility of the German people, it is peculiarly condemnatory that not only their masses but the erudite among them shared the same dream of world conquest. Treitschke did not content himself with abstractions. He gave specifications. He concluded that other nations constituted "a foreign world, which cannot be reformed, but can only be over- thrown. That this was not irresponsible ranting is established by the fact that the Pan-German League officially adopted p31 this program. By the League had fifty foreign associations, all committed to the preparation for the eventual holocaust.

Thus there were planted in foreign nations, organizations which could carry out the sinister designs of Professor Treitschke which were adopted as State policy.

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What was later to become known as the fifth column was in existence long before the first World War. The intellectual preparation for German dynamism gathered momentum. In Nietzsche in his Geneoloyy of Morals wrote: "When the instincts of a society ultimately make it give up war and conquest, it is decadent; it is ripe for democracy and the rule of shop-keepers. The aggressions of the Germans differ from those of other peoples not only in their philosophical motivation but in the artificial creation of a Master Race theory. Count Arthur de Gobineau was the first modern writer to propound the supremacy of Aryans.

In his books, The Inequality of Human Races and Moral and Intellectual Diversity of Races, written in the nineteenth century, he served to an eager German public pseudo-scientific trash which they gobbled up.

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He contended that the strength of a people depended upon the amount of Aryan blood which it had preserved. His biology was as atrocious as his his- tory but Germans disregarded all errors. He accepted the Biblical divisions of men into three peoples: the sons of Ham, Shem and Japheth.

Notes on Die schöne Müllerin by Franz Schubert & Wilhelm Müller

The first, he contended, was absorbed by the African Negroes; the second "died out" through racial intermixtures; while the third developed into three branches. One branch settled in Persia and became "Iranian Aryans", the second became the Greeks and Romans, and the third and noblest of them all became the "Germanic Aryans".

Thus he forgot completely about the yellow race! The Aryans' first appearance in history, wrote de Gobineau, began with the conquest of Babylon p32 by the Medes.

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They defeated the Hamites and the Semites, and demonstrated immediately that the word "Aryan" meant "honorable" and that an Aryan had superior intelligence and strength. The fatuous notions of de Gobineau would not be worth mention, were it not for the fact that they form the basic racial ideology of the Germans, which Hitler simply lifted and put into his book. He did not even contribute the refinements of interpretation or development. This, too, was done by predecessors. Houston Stewart Chamberlain, the son-in-law of Richard Wagner, translated de Gobineau's theorizing into a semi-political program.

enter In his book, Foundations of the Nineteenth Century, he reduced the vast complexity of human history to the equation of race qualities. There were only "Teutonic" and "anti-Teutonic" peoples. He "proved" that the Ger- man or "Teuton" was the dominant factor in the growth of civilization. The physical characteristics of the Teuton were set forth. He was tall, fair and somewhat "carroty" the exact opposite of the leading Nazis who used this ideology and adopted it as their own. The Nazis found this racial theory so ingrained in German consciousness that it made the surest demagogic appeal.

It was constantly exploited for purposes of rabble-rousing and gave "philosophical justification" to anti-Semitism.

Alfred Rosenberg, "the race expert" of the Nazi regime, has acknowledged the source of the Nazi race doctrine. Houston Stewart Chamberlain was the first one who drew the necessary conclusions from this fact: 'if German blood were to disappear from Europe. Either we rise to an ennobled achievement by a revival and purification of the ancient blood, thus renewing our will to fight, or the very last Germanic Western values of civilization and state discipline will be submerged in the polluted human masses of the cities of the world.

We have seen the rantings of Treitschke and Nietzsche, deemed innocuous theorizing by other nations, translated into the two greatest blood-sheddings in history.


The race theory made its contribution to the mission of world con- quest. Considered unscientific blabbering by learned men in other nations, we have seen it applied first internally in Germany and then by brutal war in an effort to give it universal reality.

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The earliest Nazi declaration of racial policy came in February, , thirteen years before Hitler's ascension to the Chancellory. The National Socialist Party proposed that none but those of German blood should be citizens of the Nation. All others were to be "guests" until they emigrated. On April 7, , the Nazi Reichstag enacted a statute providing that "officials who are of non-Aryan descent are to be retired. In May, , the new Conscription Law provided that only "Aryans" were to be permitted in active military service. It was decreed that a non- Aryan is one who is descended from non-Aryan, particularly Jewish, parents or grand-parents.

It sufficed if one parent or one grandparent was non-Aryan. The search for Jewish blood was to be extended back to January 1, , and a "racial expert" was appointed to delve into the obscure pedigrees of doubtful "Aryans" and answer all questions of heredity. On September 15, the Party Congress at Nurem- berg adopted decrees which limited citizenship to those "of p34 German or cognate blood" and who also conform to the National Socialistic conception of loyalty to the State. These decrees have not even the virtue of misguided sincerity.

For while the Germans adopted the racial theory of de Gobineau and Houston Stewart Chamberlain, they deliberately ignored certain conclusions of these very authors which did not suit their sinister plans. Thus, de Gobineau, while he extolled the superiority of the Aryan, concluded that, by virtue of contamination with "inferior races", there no longer was such a thing as a pure Aryan. He declared pessimistically that the Aryan mission was therefore at an end and could never be restored. Wilhelm Kusserow, a noted German author, as Vice-President of the Nordic Faith Movement, prepared the Nordic Confession of Faith which states: "We believe in the immortality of Nordic man, in the inheritance of his kind, and in the everlasting Nordic Soul as power of the divine on earth and in the universe.

Also de Gobineau paid grudging tribute to the real achievements of the Jews and even admitted that the Negro "element" had contributed to the development of the arts. Though he disliked the Jews, he wrote, "The Jew is no enemy of Teutonic civilization and culture. Such is the mental dishonesty of the Nazis that they suppressed these tenets of their own idolized prophets. Nor is this tendency to distort text attributable solely to the ignorant. Once more we find the intellectual circles, the professors of German universities, lending themselves to such methods.

For example, the theories of Chamberlain gave rise to a whole series of interpretative and expanded works by learned men. Yet they, too, chose to ignore Chamberlain's broad definition of "Teutons" as including the English, Celts and the Scandinavians.